Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Under Construction :)

Once again, attempting to redesign my blog. Once it's all together, my goal will be a sincere attempt to blog daily. Wishes and prayers of luck...muchly appreciated! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer's Here!

Sweet, Sweet Summer.... 

Ooooh the sweet, sweet breeze of Summer is finally here! Time to hang up the cold weather jackets and hats, bring out the t-tops and sundresses. Backyard picnics, fruit juice pop-cycles and kite we come!!

 Austin just turned 8 years old on June 14th, my oldest Grandbabe! His Sister Alexis, is 6 1/2 and little Brother Ryden, 10 months. My, how they grow so quickly! 

I remember a time, not so long ago, of only dreaming about being a Grandmother. My heart truly full of many, when and which of my grown children would bless me, with my very first Grandbabe. 
This is where I will once again begin, with my ever changing, very outdated blog. This 'story' of sorts, about these beautiful little people, who have and continue to, change my super-loving heart. Everyday, after reading through every single updated blog of which I follow, the intent is to return here to my own blog~and post away. Haven't done so well though...
I am off to find and create a new blog header. It's time for some artsy stuff. Far past time for updates. ;)
Keeping all in prayer....
G'Ma Rella

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Miss Peabody~In Waiting

~ Miss Peabody ~

In waiting...
She is currently in her little basket, cuddled up with her favorite blankies, 
panting gently with occasional little stretches. 
Her Momma, Alice, is keeping a very close watch on her little girl.
Once in awhile she joins Miss Peabody in the basket, 
giving her little lovies~precious!
I'm so curious to see how Alice reacts, when Miss P begins
to give birth. 

Miss P (L) and Momma Alice (R)
Pretty certain our dog Gator will also be in on the action,
just as he was when Alice had her babies last year.
The three of them are actually quite close. 
Will post up a photo of Gator soon!
The countdown has definitely begun....
wonder how many she will have? :)