Friday, May 29, 2009

The Pifer Family

Please keep this sweet little couple in your thought's and prayers. I've been where they are, my own daughter is where they are.... and it's truly a sad, sad place to be. Wanting more than anything to become a Mommy and Daddy...can seem like the longest wait, well, because it is when it's just not happening. Someday I may blog about my own infertility though, let's just focus on The Pifers Journey. BELIEVE...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Most Favorite Name~Grandma!

Meet Josie first born Grandchild. Born September 20, 2003 to my baby, Katie Marie.
Here she is with her pet frog, Sherman, who she's had for nearly two years now.

Then on January 27, 2004 we were blessed with Grandbaby number two, little Hayden Leeann. She's our little thinker, but don't let the stillness fool you! LOL! We don't call her 'Hurricane Hilda' for nothing! I do have more recent photo's, but this one fits her perfectly! :)

Alexis Camille, now 4 years old, entered our family along with her big brother in March of 2006, as a foster child. Lexi is our little mischievous 'Angel.' LOL! On January 15, 2009~my daughter and son in law became the proud 'legal' parents, through adoption of Alexis and her big brother.....

Austin Joseph! Austin will be six years old on June 14th and he is our little golfer. He graduates kindergarten next week and is already reading on the second grade level! He is also our first Grandchild to fall casualty to a broken bone and being casted. His little sister pushed him down and he landed on his hands, breaking his left arm in two places. Did I mention Lexi is mischievous? Little stinker still thinks it's all pretty funny....

Our newest little sweetheart~Sadie Frances, Josie Mia's little sister! Sadie was born on January 8, 2009 and I was blessed by helping to deliver her. The mid-wife and nurse refused to believe my daughter was in 'real' labor and planned for an induction the morning of the 9th. Well...Miss Sadie had other plans! Her little head presenting, the nurse ran out of the birthing room leaving my daughter and myself to deliver little Sadie...thank goodness she showed up in time to help out! Sadie was born with her two front bottom teeth~see them? :)

Our sixth little Grandbaby is due to arrive on October 27th and we find out next week if we're shopping pink or blue. We're wishing for blue, but healthy is really the only color we hope for!

Becoming a Grandmother is the very best and most blessed experience of my life. I think when God knitted me together in my own Mother's womb, He just truly knew I would be born to be called "Grandma!" Thank You GOD! :)

Little Bentley

Please continue to pray for little Bentley! Her open heart surgery was very successful and she's headed HOME on Friday if all tests are good. GOD IS GOOD!!