Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Blog Beginnings...

I am Cindy, aka 'Grandma~rella.' That's me, over there <~ in the purple dress, which my oldest Granddaughter Josie Mia proudly calls the 'Grandma~rella dress.' The handsome fella is my only Son, Timothy, proudly holding his beautiful bride, Jenn. Behind Jenn is my oldest Daughter, Jaime, next to her is my 'baby' Daughter, Katie. The woman in blue is my Mother, Betty. This photo was taken on May 28, 2006, in Spokane, WA. The day was beautiful, the people, precious. It is now May 9, 2009. I've always wanted to blog and have found myself here countless times over the years just sitting and wondering where to begin. So today, I begin~well, sorta. I've been sorta blogging via an old blog which I started a few years back, which has since been transferred to a good friend, who is more able to update our county's soldiers. After blogging on that account for a couple months, I realized it was not appropriate to use the same URL for my own personal blog. So, I will attempt to transfer my personal entries over here. :)

My hope is to share love and laughter, ups and downs, smiles and frowns, witnessed miracles and most of all~strengthen my personal relationship with Jesus. :) Reading various blogs here on Blogger, it's truly amazing how so many people have already 'muscled-me-up' just by sharing your hearts and your words. THANK YOU!

So, off I go to transfer those entries~thinking I may just need some luck! LOL! (((HUGS)))

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please Pray For Phillip!

What an amazing young man! Tonight, Phillip really needs all the prayer warriors surrounding him. Let's show him the LOVE, give him the STRENGTH to BELIEVE...everything's gonna be alright! Precious boy~know you are in my thought's and prayers...