Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meet Angelina~CHD Awareness

So...after a truly heartbreaking day today, I've decided this is the day to introduce you to a very special little friend of mine,

Created by my best friend and 'Sis' ~ a German native
, currently living in Germany. We 'met' online a couple of years ago and have worked together on many children's 'missions' ~ advocating for little ones who are very sick, and sometimes, terminally ill.
Sandra Kay is very active in CHD Awareness and has helped to raise medical and research funds, literally around the world. Please check out her sweet Angelina site, by simply clicking below.
There is a wealth of information on this site, be sure to check out each link in the left sidebar of each page.

STANDARD_Angelina Buch.png

$1 of each book sold will be going to the Chloe Duyck Memorial Fund, a fund for CHD research!

About the Book

Children have the natural ability to accept the reality of angels and this delightful first book of the "Angelina" Series will teach them about those heavenly beings. "Angelina in Don't be afraid of the Dark" is a comforting bed time story that gently reminds us that we are never alone. Its contents are written in easy-to-read, and it is wonderfully illustrated with saturated, rich colors. Plus, a bonus *surprise activity awaits the reader on the last page.

About Sandra Kay...the Author, Friend and Sister...

Having worked with sick children for over 10 years, Sandra Kay has a long background and profound experiences in Child Life and Child Psychology. As a constant observer involved in pain and suffering, she decided that it was time to take the next step in order to make people aware of the various diseases our children have to endure. She founded 2 organizations:

  • "Matters of the Heart", dedicated to educate the public about Congenital Heart Defects and to bring joy to little heart patients in the hospital
  • "Seraphim Children Projects", with the goal of raising Awareness for children with different illnesses like Autism, Childhood Cancer, etc

"Angelina – Don't be afraid of the Dark" is her first Children's book and she is very proud of having created a really unique and special book for soothing the fears of children.

For more information on Sandra Kay's work please visit her pages:

My Oldest granddaughter, Josie Mia

Reading the original version of

'Don't Be Afraid of The Dark'

See the little *'rainbow' card by her knee?

The children hold the card, leaving all their worries in the card,

then place it beneath their pillow at bed-time.

Josie was at one time a very anxious sleeper...

at nearly six years old now, she actually looks forward

to her nightly story, prayers and sleep. :)

Hope you take a few moments to check out the above sites and learn a little more about CHD. Matters of the heart....isn't this truly what life is all about?




  1. Hi Cindy-rella!!!

    Wow! I'm so happy to see you on blogger! This community is totally awesome! I have my personal blog which is

    Love and Hugs!!!

  2. I too am emotionally bruised over April Rose. I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog through the 'april rose is fake' sites and you are such a wonderfully sincere and compassionate woman; as much as I disdain what we have all been put through, because it led me to you I cannot say that it was one hundred percent a bad experience.

    You are obviously a special and compassionate mother and grandmother, as well as being a truly empathetic advocate for children.

    I am so sad knowing what "B" did...but I am so HAPPY to know there is someone as wonderful as you making up the balance.

    Praying for you, and for your daughter- her employment situation, etc)



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