Friday, June 12, 2009

Josie Mia & G'Ma~rella...Everything's Just Ducky

Josie Mia & G'Ma~rella
*A Day At The Duck Pond*

There's just something about visiting the duck pond. I've been going there for over thirty five years, my favorite place to enjoy lunch during my college years and after my first child was born, it was our favorite place. Little has changed over the years, other than a once gravel parking area now being nicely paved and a few park benches have been installed~oh~and restrooms! YAY for restrooms! It's so bittersweet to look at my photo's taken in the late 70's and early 80's.
Photo's of visits to the pond with my own children, full of excitement, wonder and energy. Energy...I had lots of energy back then....Yesterday, my oldest Granddaughter Josie Mia and I spent the afternoon at the duck pond. Her Mommy, my daughter Katie, packed us up a nice little picnic lunch~much to my surprise (thank you Katie!)~her sandwiches are so much like the ones her own Father used to make...brought back some very bittersweet memories. It's been over twenty two years since I've had a sandwich like that!:::sigh:::
It was a nice, warm and sunny afternoon and the parking lot was full. Josie and I spotted a little park bench up yonder, just waiting for us and our basket of goodies. My 'Red Hat' is always in the back seat of my car, so my Josie decided to wear it~so precious! If one of my other hats would have been with me, you can bet G'Ma would have been topped in red, as well! Yes, I am proud of my 'red and purple!'

~*~Josie Mia~*~

~*~My 'Red Hat' Girl!~*~

Wondering if the ducks would find us...

OF COURSE! What duck wouldn't waddle right up to meet a beautiful little girl, in a Red Hat and carrying a basket of goodies?

Big ducks, little ducks, brown ducks, boy ducks, girls ducks and baby ducks!
So. Many. Ducks!
Geese, too!

"Oh Grandma! Will we have enough bread??" We did! We had enough ducky food to keep the little feathered friends content for nearly thirty minutes, which is quite a long time, in 'duck time.'

Red, purple, a little girl, ducks and bread....

...Ooooh, what a wonderful day...

Never go a day, without stopping to smell the flowers....

...and picking one for G'Ma, of course!
We had noticed a homeless woman, who appears to live beneath a tree at the duck pond and Josie Mia was worried she may be hungry. We had half a sandwich left in our basket...

...and a can of diet soda...
Josie was truly honored as she handed them to her new friend...

Thank you Jesus...for my Josie.


  1. I don't know if you've seen this or not, but at the old April Rose site, Beccah has posted an apology. For what it's worth. She needs prayer, I think, even if not for a baby.

  2. Yes, Mimi~I have read Beccah's note of apology and can't help but applaud her for doing so. I truly agree with you, this lost soul needs prayer...and she needs love, unconditionally. For *me*'s not really about what her past is all about, rather it's the fact Beccah is hurting now. Perhaps if many of us continue to keep her in our thought's and prayers, some goodness is on the horizon. Personally, I allowed myself to get so emotionally involved in the story of little April Rose, to this moment I have to keep reminding myself it was and is not real. However, Beccah's pain is real.

    Actually, while spending the afternoon at the duck pond with my Granddaughter the other day, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the situation. As even my 5 year old Granddaughter had been praying for little April, it was beyond difficult explaining the ending to her. The truly good thing which came out of all of this, though, is that many people did indeed come together to pray for~not only for B, D and AR, but for one another. That in itself, is precious, in it's own delicate way...(((HUGS)))

  3. Thank you for stoppping by my blog G'Ma-rella!
    I thought it was good that so many people were praying also. And since God already knew the Truth, he knew that B needed prayers, just not for what we were exactly praying for. I prayed a lot for Peace for her and I hope that went to her anyway. I think it did.
    By the way,I meant to say that I love this post! Your little granddaughter is gorgeous! And so is your daughter, Katie! :)


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