Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy First Birthday In Heaven, Grandma

~*~ Grandma's 90th Birthday Party ~*~
Her last earth birthday...
Seems nearly impossible one year ago, this very moment, I was sleeping under the covers my Grandmother had 'tucked me in' with. It was her ninetieth birthday and I had spent the night with her ~ oh how I thank God for that night. Somehow I just knew, it would be the last time I would fall asleep in Grandma's spare bedroom and wake up to the smell of Aqua Net hair spray and Charlie perfume. June 1st is also the anniversary of my wonderful Grandparents and I could never hear 'their story' too many times. How as young teens in Nebraska, they met at a country barn dance. Grandpa asked Grandma for a dance and from that moment on, they truly lived happily ever after ~ nearly 50 years ~ before Grandpa passed away in January of 1985.

~Happy 75th Anniversary in Heaven, Grandpa and Grandma Brown~

Tonight I imagine them dancing in Heaven, holding each other as if it were that very first time, back in the early 1930's. Seven children and over 60 foster children later, they could be found hand in hand and 'smooching' around little corners, in their huge Victorian home. Big holiday gatherings, with children, laughter and the best home cooked meals you could ever dream of ~ it was always the very best of times, anytime I was in their home.

Grandma loved the ocean ~ the sight, the feel, the smell ~ the breeze upon her lovely face...

She found such true joy, just watching her Granddaughter, Great Granddaughter and Great-Great Granddaughter, frolicking in the sand and jumping little blue waves of
The Pacific Ocean. We built sand castles and sea creatures, sipped on iced tea and the best part of the day was, making beautiful memories, to last our life times.
Someday, I will blog and share so much more about my sweet Grandmother. Today, I just want to wish her~
'Happy Birthday in Heaven.'
I've just tucked my own Grandbabies into bed, under the covers which once lay upon my Grandmother's bed. Just to walk into the 'Grandbaby room' ~ I get lost in your scent, Grandma....I truly miss you ~ Forever love you. (((HUGS)))

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